The gift of a day

A couple of weeks back, I rented a movie entitled, “The Ultimate Gift.” When it was recommended to me, I was skeptical. It sounded too cheesy and too corny to waste my time on. Well as I was perusing the aisles at Blockbuster I spotted it and because they were fairly wiped out at the time, I decided to give it try.

There were a lot of different gifts, however, the one for which this blog is entitled is the gift of a day. Today was a snow day for me, I’ve gotten better about using my days wisely, except on occasion when I do decide to waste a day. I did a couple of odd things, watched a movie, worked, went out to lunch, picked up my room, and cleaned the kitchen cabinets.

At the end of this gift of a day, I sat down and thought about what I would do with future snow days. One of the first thoughts that came to my mind was that I’ve got to get rid of my satellite service. I always say that there are too many books and so little time, but the truth is that I’ve got the time; it’s just that I want to be numbed not invigorated.

Another thought came into my mind as well when I began to process about the gift of a day. If I was given one day, to spend with whomever I wanted too, who would it be? Choosing one person is very hard. Would it be loved ones lost all those years ago…or someone I haven’t seen in awhile? Rather than debate about who it would be, like a hamster spinning a wheel in a cage, I decided that I would just enjoy the rest of this day.

Every day is a gift, whether it’s a work day, a Sabbath day, or a free day. I forgot what the gift of a day meant to me. I remembered all too well, that in order to enjoy the freedom of a free day, sometimes the pain and joy of remembrance must kick in.

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Cameron Schaefer said...

Random Thoughts:

It really is amazing how we can fall into time traps like satellite television, isn't it?

I think at the core of my personality is this deep feeling that life is far too short to accomplish everything I want

I wonder if the cure for using your time wisely is as simple as finding a cause worth spending your life?

Television is really a sick prostitute.