Bridging the Gap

I woke up to two things when I started the day today. The first was snow. The second was a Sunday Morning expose on the card game of Bridge. I only caught the piece half way through, but was surprised and delighted by the content of this weekly news journal of which I look forward to every Sunday. The piece keyed in on two very important people that are playing Bridge: Bill and Warren. Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are avid bridge players. Warren plays twelve hours a week. Bill Gates said that Bridge was the only game that computers have not been able to master. The two of them have donated a million a piece to have it taught in schools. I had to call my mom and tell her, that a television show was featuring her favorite game. I was taught to play bridge when I was in the first grade. It was during a layover on our way to New York in the cabin of an airplane. This was when kids could still get a our of the cockpit, which did…I may still have the wings to prove it! While my dad gave my brother and me an introductory course on how to play bridge, it would forever stick with us. Bridge, like most card games are excellent tools for teaching people how to operate in social environments. Bridge requires that you have a partner and that you work together to win…it requires social skills and teamwork. Like all card games, it requires the person to know the odds, calculate the risk, and count the cards…it requires math. Lastly it requires that one have some mad skills. Bridge is a great game, and it’s exciting even if it is only played by people over 50. I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to introduce this game to my friends, and maybe now I have the opportunity to bridge the gap.

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Cameron Schaefer said...

I've never played, you'll have to teach me next time we hang out, sounds fun!