Tough Love

A few weeks ago, I realized that I needed to motivate some people, and I had to think of the fastest and best way to do this. Thinking of what motivated me, but knowing that all methods of motivation do not necessarily work for everyone, I find myself drawn to the solution of tough love. There has to be a substantial amount of relation deposits before, you can tell someone I love you, you’re perfect—now change! Tough love, like anything is a fine dance that involves two interactive parts. The first is toughness, that is to say…to be hard. It’s not easy being hard on someone and encouraging them to better themselves. When you tell someone they need to improve in an area, you can never guarantee their response to your toughness. Someone will either chose to respond in fear, anger, trust, or understanding. Love is never easy it is perhaps the hardest and toughest thing in life…but to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. However, opening the door to this conversation is the toughest part, the tough part becomes much easier. But what about that four letter word…love? There can be hard times and hard conversations, but like Paul writes if we do anything for any other reason other than love than we shall fail. Having the right motive, to help improve someone, is love in its purest form. Love is all about seeing the diamond in the rough, and shining a light into someone’s life to see how much that diamond will sparkle.

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