Chose your battle to win or your hill to die on

Of recent, I have been burdened by a number of changes in my life, quite similar to how the colonists felt when England kept taxing them, or like the Southern states worried that my way of life was about to change. Everyone around me is being tested, and it’s fascinating to watch their responses. I myself have on numerous occasions looked into the mirror and wondered if I am responding like a leader. Some have been pushed to their tipping point while others have acted with continued restraint. I though have found myself on the white picket fence and it’s starting to chafe…do I chose to be revolutionary or be a conformist? Reflecting on the Revolutionary and the Civil War, I’ve been thinking a lot about those that were revolutionary and those that were conformist. In each war, the different factions were asked to choose a side…remain loyal or become revolutionary. Throughout our lives we seem to be continually asked this question, and at times it can be a very haunting one at that. There is something romantic and desirable about being revolutionary. I wrote on change a few weeks ago and how to respond and initiate it. But to lead change is every leader’s desire…dream the impossible dream, right every wrong, damn the man, and bring about world peace. It’s so appetizing. On the other hand to be loyal, is extremely noble. I have seen people respond simply out of frustration and ignorance. They’ve looked like fools, humbled for reacting in a rash manner. Those that remained loyal though and stood the tide were treated like they were heroes. Leaders love loyalty, because it means that they are trusted. Ultimately we must consider our options at great length and chose the battle to win or the hill to die on. The winning side determines whether someone will be revolutionary or a traitor like Benedict Arnold. In the Revolutionary War, the revolutionaries won. They revolted against England for their freedom. In the Civil War, the union held on to the reigns. The South, in trying to revolt was destroyed and laid to waste. The choice is ours to make, is it time to be revolutionary or to conform with the union. Viva la revoluciĆ³n!


gpackiam said...

bro...this is an amazing thought: to either die on a hill or win a battle. since whoever wins determines the difference between a traitor or heroic revolutionary, your wisdom seems to encourage not choosing to revolt unless you're sure you can win...because then you'll be a hero. i guess you're also saying that if you do choose to revolt and aren't convinced you're going to win, then give your last breath for it. the message for me is unless i'm sure i'm going to win or am willing to fight to the death, i should not revolt. i could have used this a few days ago!

Justin Steinhart said...

Sorry my friend...it's always been a thought that I had, but the circumstances last week really caused me to reflect on my past and write the article in consideration of the current state of affairs. We all live and learn!

Shimmer said...

I found your post randomly and it moved me! I have been going through lots of changes in my life as well. I have always acted like a leader and tried to change with changes..but recently it's just getting on my nerves. But you are right...Leader is who leads the changes and challenges them...so true!
Thanks for the inspiration!