We can fail in life and as leaders but if we can succeed in one area and only one…then let it be recognition. How you appreciate those that you lead, greatly determines how successful you are. The more appreciation you show, the more success that you will achieve…and vice versa. Recognition however takes on many different forms. The simple thank you. Taking the time to pause, look someone in the eyes and genuinely tell them how much you appreciate them will do wonders. I can’t tell you how many times a thank you has saved me whenever I found myself in a tight squeeze and needed help. Appreciate people with a thank you on a regular basis. Look to the hills…not to the stars. Recognize the fact that the people who have been serving for years on end are often times the best options for promotion. When you are constantly filling roles from the outside and not filling them from within you push some of the most adapt, competent, and knowledgeable people out. So oftentimes as leaders we think that we need to bring in people…yet we ignore that there already are people in. Rewards. Whether it be Starbucks, an afternoon run for ice cream, or a piece of paper. I have found that I can squelch any quarrel by simply bringing food to the table. If actions speak louder than words than rewarding people with a trinket or food, only allows people to love you for it. I’ve found that either Starbucks or an ice-cream cake works best. Recognize people. One of the areas that I have constantly had to grow in is remembering people’s names and acknowledging the fact that I remembered their name. Nothing means more to a person than when their leader recognizes their face and puts a name to that face. It can mean the world to someone, as they identify who they are to their name. Recognize the fact that you need to recognize…hold up that mirror!

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