The Art of Losing / Succeeding – Part 1

Every four years, America, or those Americans that wish to actually pay attention to what is happening around them, undoubtedly find themselves immersed in Election news whether they want to or not. I’ve enjoyed watching this year’s presidential run, but I’ve been a little disappointed, unsurprisingly, by how the political game has played out. Although my guess is that none of the candidates will ever read this, maybe you will get something out of it.

In the past few months and weeks, I’ve been greatly disappointed with how numerous political advisors have said that Hillary should resign without really saying so. They all say, “I think that when the time comes she’ll do what’s best for the party.” I’ve seen the numbers, and after the Democratic Committee’s decision on Florida and Michigan, a total of 2,118 delegates are needed. Obama has 2,071 and Clinton has 1,915.5, with 200 super-delegates up for grabs. I’m no mathematician but Hillary’s not out and not by a long shot.

Her claim about the media’s drooling sensation over Obama is valid. I checked our her claims and noticed that since 2007, between Time and Newsweek, the ratio of Obama to Hillary Covers is 9 to 5 (I included Obama’s wife as well). Essentially that’s almost 2 to 1. I’ll be honest, at the risk of being outcast by some of my friends. When it comes to whom I will vote for, well that has yet to be foreseen. Between Obama and McCain, McCain is the clear choice…between Clinton and McCain, my choice becomes fuzzier.

I’m disappointed in the democrats…and more so in Obama for ignoring the present fight by trying to fake his win and focus on a future fight with McCain. I believe that the Democratic Party, including Obama, has a fear of loosing, and more importantly a fear of a good fight amongst themselves. The bi-partisan mud slinging contest has yet to begin, but why won’t Obama fight Hillary for the win? Why doesn’t he want to savor the flavor and victory of the win? Has he never experienced a great win?

Obama needs to focus on the present challenge and fight Hillary. If he expects to beat McCain, he needs to be a man and fight his battles, not run away from them. Hillary, keep up the fight, the battle’s not over. As far as I’m concerned, like the Biblical Job, you are surrounded by a bunch of friends that want you to admit that it’s time for you to give up. Now is the time for you to dig deep and show your teeth. There is an art to loosing, and I’ll talk about that in the next post, but the art comes in loosing the battle, not near the final lap of the race.

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