Smelling the Roses

There is something to be said about stopping to smell the roses. However, I know from personal experience that as leaders it is always hard to find that time, especially to stop. But life is fuller and richer when we do…if we don’t there can be terrible side-effects.

Once in a class I had a professor tell me that our first priority is to take care of ourselves. He was reminded of this by a recent airline flight. The stewardess got on the PA system and announced that in the event of an emergency and should the oxygen masks drop one needs to put their own mask on first before assisting others. How many times do we find ourselves helping people or even leading them when we haven’t first taken care of ourselves?

Our sanctity is like a gas tank, it can’t go anywhere unless it’s filled up. For some, stopping to smell the roses means enjoying a meal at a favorite restaurant, reading, exercising, watching TV, spending time with friends, or playing games. But we must remember to fill that tank, because running on empty only get’s us so far.

I don’t think that I need to mention the side-effects…but will do so anyway, purely for joy. This in-exhaustive list includes, but is not limited to: anger; short-temperedness; poor sleep; anxiety; mood swings…need I say more…take care of yourself first before leading others.

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