When Fame Gets in the Way

I recently watched an old episode of Star Trek Voyager called “Virtuoso.” Now I know that this implicates me as some type of Trekie, nerd, or a geek. However, I’m strong enough and secure enough to withstand any brazen comments that might come my way. Anyway in this episode the Doctor becomes famous and decides that he wants to pursue a different career path.

The Doctor suddenly finds fame as a Virtuoso. When asked to choose between his current life with dear friends and a new life as a star…the doctor decides to resign his current position as doctor to pursue something exciting and adventuresome. However, upon hearing this news the crew feels abandoned and hurt by the doctors decision. When he leaves, he finds that he has become obsolete and that a new star is born.

The saying, “Everyone has fifteen minutes of fame,” is always true. Fame and fortune can often times be a luring temptress. They ruin families, careers, and friends. Something or someone often suffers for the pursuit of success. I believe that the most success we’ll ever have is by being loyal to our current friends, family, and job. Once the time clock on fame has ended, there’s a sense of foolishness and abandonment. This was what happened to the Doctor.

When the Doctor lost his fame, he came back down from cloud nine and humbly returned to his life as a doctor…where he was the most successful. Now one of the themes was that the doctor felt unappreciated by the crew, which was why he pursued the new career. Sometimes medial tasks seem unappreciated and unnoticed, but in truth those are the crucial jobs. Feelings of being un-important are purely selfish…grow up and quit thinking that the world revolves around you.

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