GO BIG or go home

I wish there was a better word to define boss other than leader, employer, director, etc. Anyway, one of the phrases that my boss, David Perkins, says on occasion is, “Let’s just let the chips fall where they may.” I love that statement because it doesn’t make us worry about the current situation and it allows us to sit-back and watch events transpire rather than getting wounded in the fight.

There is however a similar phrase, that someone pointed out to me that I continuously act out. That phrase of course is, “Go big or go home.” Whether it’s getting the best seats for a concert, throwing a party, or the events and conferences that I do for work. I make sure that I go big or go home.

The sad thing is that when I look around me, so few others are willing to make big risks. Any financial advisor, compulsive gambler, or love doctor for that matter, will tell you that the bigger the risk the greater the gain. If you don’t risk anything you have nothing to gain.

So many of my comrades are going through life not making or taking any risks, it’s fine to occasionally play it safe. Though most of the people I see around me are either scared, lethargic, or un-motivated. They need a wake up call. They need to fall in love with something. They need a revolution. More importantly they need to put all of their chips on line.

I was recently reminded that for the most part, we win more battles than we lose. Obviously it is important to know when to risk it all and when to go home. But our generation needs more people that are willing to place all of their chips on the line, to live life to its fullest and to go big or go home.


Cameron Schaefer said...

Justin, I completely agree. I tell Malone that all the time as she peers off the edge of the bed. She hasn't jumped yet though...must not be getting through to her.

Jacob said...

dude - great life lesson. Thanks for sharing.