Anger is Not Bad

Everyone needs to make themselves acquainted with older movies in fact a good place to start is with the different American Film Institute (AFI) lists. They started with one in the late 90’s and have made additions and genre specific lists since the initial list, but nonetheless start there. One of the movies on the list is Network, a movie about a major network looking to boost its ratings. When one of the anchormen falls off of the deep end on-air, rather than canning him, they decide to give him his own show. People fall in love with him tuning in every week to see what he’ll say. At one point, the anchorman recites a phrase that most people know but probably can’t attribute the source. Of which he says, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” I’ve known a lot of leaders, and I can tell you that one similarity that they all possess is that usually they are extremely passionate. They can often times have extremely high highs and very low lows. But the truth is that they are not afraid to show a little emotion, and they understand what it means to be passionate about something. We try to be so politically correct these days, so much so that we just try not to be offensive to anyone for any reason. This is why I believe that anger is not bad. Now it’s also not that great either, some people have some serious issues regarding anger. Like anything in moderation anger can be used to convey feelings of disappointment, frustration, and to let people know that you need to be left alone. In some cases, anger can light fires for those that look to your leadership.
However on many occasions I have had to apologize, but in the moment, my frustration expressed as anger got the job done. So when you get angry follow this rule, “In your anger do not sin.” Sinning in anger can look like a low blow, bringing up an issue or a topic that causes shame for the other person. For some, sinning in anger can look like physical, emotional, or psychological abuse. But it’s good to occasionally stand up and say, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Most emotions, like anger, are good and healthy when done in moderation.

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