Be a Lifelong Learner

Every summer in between elementary school grades, my mother and sister, both of which are teachers, forced my brother and me to do math workbooks and check out books from the library to read. After a while, my brother and I had to be rewarded to do it because we learned how to work the system! Looking back on it now, I see that our summers were enriched by those workbooks and trips to the library. My mother and sister wanted the best from my brother and me, and so they pushed us to be better and to begin to desire to be better. I wasn’t so hot on the math end like my brother, but by the time I was in third grade I had a reading level three to four times above me, I loved reading. Education isn’t something you spend four or 12 years working on…or is it measured by the level of attainment. To me education has always been about a lifelong pursuit to better oneself. Education is about learning from your failures and not being afraid to tackle them. Education is also about knowing when to ask for help, or simply to say you do not know. Education is about growing in and learning how to use wisdom. One of the foremost proverbial thoughts on wisdom states the following, “a wise man who knows much speaks little but a fool who knows little says much.” One of the best books out there on the subject is the book of Proverbs found in the Old Testament. Be a lifelong learner. One of the tricks to do is to find several authors whom you enjoy reading, and read as many of their books as possible. Sometimes you just have to muddle through certain authors, especially in the novella or fiction genre. But everyone should read a classic. Now, don’t be afraid to drop a book. I used to just read a book all the way through even if it was terrible…but then someone told me I wasting the time that I had by not reading a good book. So don’t reach that glass ceiling because you can always grow and learn. I mean if my mother who is 71 years old can email and teach herself how to play Sudoku, then you too can be a lifelong learner!

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