Who Do You Know?

Dress however isn’t the only thing that helps you grow socially. Sometimes it’s a matter of who you know and not what. Now, I absolutely hate when people are promoted just because they know the right people…and promote themselves to an individual based upon relationship, this causes numerous organizational problems and dysfunctions. Don’t believe me? Read Good to Great. Organizations often fail at getting the right people in the right seat and on the right bus all because they simply don't know their employees. However, I ask the question, who do you know, because I think that all too often people think that they are okay to go through life without getting to know people on a much deeper level. Ask yourself, do you still have friends that you talk to from High School? Are their people from past jobs that you keep in touch with? Do you have a relationship with people in your current working environment? Do you have friends outside of work? I ask these questions, because so many people can answer “no” to them. In elementary school, I had a friend that was taken out of school to be home-schooled. When he rejoined us either in 8th or 9th grade, he was socially behind the class. I’m not going to rant on my thoughts about kids that are homeschooled, but he just always seemed to struggle connecting with people his own age, especially in different social situations like dances and sports. You cannot just report to work and come home without having any social interaction. A leader must always be able to carry themselves well in any situation. Being well versed on numerous topics, and to know one’s role in a social situation is a must. Learn to read people and their body language. People are constantly communicating. Learn when it’s appropriate to joke, cry, and be honest. You may fail a few times, but soon you’ll know just how to be a friend in any situation. C.S. Lewis wrote in The Four Loves that, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” Friends are so important for several reasons. The first is that if they are true friends, you can share or ask an opinion about everything because you have that bond. I can’t tell you what it means to me to have friends that can genuinely speak into my life, like family, they see my faults and yet they still love me and I in return love them. It’s these relationships that I cherish because we are able to go deep and we’re able to serve as mirrors for one another. Don’t abandon the people that you have gotten to know, just because of an occupation or lifestyle change. Keep in touch with people that you’ve genuinely had a connection with…you never who you might need to re-connect with or be in a situation to help later on in life. All relationships require some work, they are never a cake walk, but they will always be the most important to you as a leader. Without good true and deep friends, leadership will be extremely lonely, and you will always live in doubt, anxiety, and either arrogance or un-assuredness. Well, I have thus talked about looking good socially. Why relationships and friends are important socially. Up next a topic that I briefly mentioned which is know how to communicate socially. See you next week!

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Hi Justin, My name is Dennis Steinhart. I am looking for members of my family tree (father had a severe stroke in May, and promised him I would do this) do you happen to know if you have any ties to southern Indiana? if so please email me @ spaztikhi@hotmail.com I am not looking for anything but info to compile my findings for my father.