The Right State of Mind

This years election has caused quite a stir and ultimately shows that as a nation we’re still divided. One of the things that has been quite upsetting to me over the past couple months is talk about whether people deserve things or whether they should work for things. I think that it can even be simplified to the following: do I receive or do I give. When I think of someone that takes and takes and takes…I think of an infant. They cry as an expression to say that one of two things is wrong, they are either hungry…or they’ve sent the food out the other end. They are needy and while they can easily be comforted, that contentment only lasts for a while. The mother on the other hand gives and gives and gives. She self-sacrificially gives the baby food, a diaper change, or interaction in hopes that one day the baby will in turn be independent and become self-sacrificing. As grown adults though, when we start to develop an attitude of an infant and start demanding or expecting things of friends, coworkers, and our government it turns into a sticky situation. We start to believe that it is someone else’s duty to take care of the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, in essence, to “change our diaper.” But as adults we don’t need any more rights given to us than the right of freedom. Freedom gives us the choice to be dependant and independent. Now some people because of either natural circumstances or poor decisions by others may have no choice in being dependant upon someone else. But the majority of us have a decision based upon the freedom that we have been given to do the right thing. The moment when someone decides for themselves that they deserve something, is the moment when the do not deserve anything. There is a right state of mind and a wrong one. The right state of mind is to thrust oneself wholeheartedly at something that they believe in fighting for, working on, or creating. The wrong state of mind is to lazily wait for someone else to do it or to start making unwarranted demands of someone else. Change doesn’t come from one man, woman, or child…but it comes in the form of hope and the desire to persevere, not from handouts. We’ve all encountered children that are spoiled that make demands of their parents well into adult-hood. We’ve also encountered those children that were taught to think and act for themselves. We have to start being accountable to ourselves and to others for our actions and decisions…otherwise we could end up with a stinky diaper and no-one to change it.


Cameron Schaefer said...

good word Justin, hope you're enjoying your Philly steak in Philly. Did you get it with whiz or without?

Justin Steinhart said...

without...just couldn't bring myself to do it wit whiz!