Birthing Pains

I’ve been thinking about the struggles of the economy, and how for most people that equates to struggles in general. For instance struggles in the work place, in relationships, financial, and just about everything else in-between seems to be under some type of strain. What got me thinking about all of these struggles is that like birth there can be so much pain and frustration…and yet without that pain, there would be no joy. Likewise, it’s so easy to want to throw in the towel and give in, unfortunately once someone begins to give birth they can no longer move that train back up the hill, which is why there can be no joy without pain. There are so many times that I have wanted to give in and forfeit, letting someone or something get the best of me. However, had I given in, there never would have been any joy. I remember in High School when I was running for the VP of my class. My sophomore year, I lost by 3 votes; my junior year, I lost by 2 votes; and my senior year I lost by 1 vote. Even though Paul Harvey is deceased, I shall continue his legacy, “Here is the rest of the story…” I was the first junior ever to be elected to a student body position, and won by a large vote to become secretary followed in my senior year when I ran un-opposed for Student Body President. (I can’t believe that this was over ten years ago.) Right now is such a great time for America, and I have so much hope and faith that I hope you’ll catch some of it. Looking back on the last century, right after every recession and/or depression, America learned to grow, adapt, and prosper. No other nation, at least to my knowledge has shown so much resiliency. I hope that once again we will rise to the challenge and overcome this recession having learned a great lesson. My last blog and in writing this blog, I suddenly realized that true and insurmountable joy comes not from instant gratification but when there is some type of pain or loss involved in the process. By moving from one end of the spectrum of despair to the other side in pure joy, we learn just how much we have gained. When we have lost little and gained much, the gain doesn’t mean anything, but when we have lost much and gained a little, we greatly value what little has been gained. This is because we develop a grateful heart and attitude, living in surplus means no appreciation; living in despair only then to have a minor surplus means that every thing is a blessing.
Maybe thanksgiving should last a little more than one day a year, and in these tough times where pain and suffering seem to be everywhere, remember that pain may last the night, but joy comes in the morning.


Amanda said...

Saw ya on SCL and watched your video and I LAUGHED. Out Loud. You are funny.

I may be back... do you encourage stalking?

God bless-

Justin Steinhart said...

As long as it's only long distance!
Thanks for the comment...if you liked that video search theMILLonline on youtube to watch more...there's several good ones!