Just do it

For anyone familiar with the popular phrase, knows that it rocketed Nike to, I believe the top shoe company of the 90’s. I love telling people to just do it, because sometimes so much thought goes into a decision that the actual production part of it is lost. While Nike would like you to think that it’s really easy and simple, just doing it can often times be very complicated. It’s tough making the right decisions, sometimes it’s easier to take a short-cut. I once heard a Jewish proverb that went something like this, “there is a short way that is long, and a long way that is short.” In our lives, I think we can all relate to circumstances, procedures, and decisions that we were thankful for and some that we wished we would have just done it right the first time. Just doing it sometimes means that we get so involved in the course of action that we forget the people that are a part of the equation. I admit that sometimes I have been greatly convicted of my focus on the task. In my line of work, though people always come first no matter what I do, or don’t do. For me, as an administrator, my daily battle is to be people focused, rather than just doing it. I can make decisions, in the best of circumstances and the worst of circumstances. It’s easy to let emotion take over and see people as objects, rather than individuals that have emotions and feelings. People should always come first, before just doing it. The impact that our decisions have on people should always be a reminder to us how important our actions can affect them. I was recently involved in a very tough evaluation and decision making process, it was painful. We were able to determine the course to take, but we all knew there was more at stake and ultimately realized that we could do more wrong than good by just doing it. On the other hand, doing it is extremely valuable because for many people they tend to get lost in the details, rather than doing. I’ve talked with so many people who want the short way that ultimately becomes long for them. I’ve looked into their eyes and seen the delusion, the look of being lost and uncertain, but they just can’t do it or anything else. They’re lost.
In writing this, I was reminded that doing anything requires two things. The first is to always consider everyone else that may be affected by whatever it is your doing. The second is to eventually just do something, not to get too caught up in the details. Eventually we all just have to just do it, but one of the universal laws is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We will one day give an account for everything that we just did and did not do, these are the repercussions of just doing it.

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