Glory to Glory

(the above photo was taken by the Desperation Band Electric Guitarist Erick Todd)
What happened during my Facebook and Twitter sabbatical? Well two conferences, six days that I work 359 days for; that’s what! I went on my sabbatical on June 1st and didn’t have much of a problem; there were some withdrawals, but not a whole lot. After a month though, I had to give in. I realized that I did what I set out to do. Not necessarily as much as I would have liked, but nonetheless, I proved that I didn’t have an addiction. That was my only reason, which might be why you’re wondering why I called this blog, “Glory to Glory.” Well, here’s what really happened. This may be one of my most biographical posts, so please bear with me and I don’t really have a point, it’s more a journal entry. 2009 has been quiet possibly one of the hardest years for me. I’ve relied a lot on myself and my talents to get the job done. I’ve taken care of myself and neglected other areas, especially my spiritual aspect. I was suffocating myself, and then someone threw me a lifeline. I returned to my roots, repented, and grew. Realizing that I was in the desert, a not so bad place, and while I wasn’t responding how I needed to, I am now walking in humility, trust, reliance, brokenness, and openness. This was the first glory. My second glory came when I remembered God’s promises. There was the conference and a small little road trip that reminded me that His love never fails. While this is a continuation, of the first glory, I remembered that Israel’s time in the desert wasn’t without glory. My time in the desert has been hard, hot, and dry! It’s frizzled my hair too! But this desert hasn’t been without its lessons, reminders, and glories. For instance, when I returned in humility, I had prayed for God’s promises. One of them happened during the first conference. While I was praying I was reminded of all of God’s promises, a savior, a rainbow, a king, mercy, and grace; this was all several days before the conference. The second day of the conference a rainbow appeared over the church, I cried. Then to have a sense of completion. The conferences for me will probably be the closest thing that I have to experiencing pregnancy. It’s like giving birth and then going through post-pardon syndrome. I don’t know what to do with myself after conference; I’ve given my all only to see a star shooting across the sky. Trailblazing a way, then taking its place amongst the other stars.
Glory to Glory, for me this past month has challenged my faith. I keep wondering how much more I need to grow and learn. I know because of some decisions I made several years ago, that I’m a little behind, but I am fast learner and I’m doing my best. I hope the desert doesn’t last much longer, because while it is a place of learning, it’s a place that I don’t want to spend 40 years in, trying to learn the same lessons. So that’s what happened over my Facebook and Twitter sabbatical, I went from glory to glory…

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