My Bucket List

Taking my mother to Hawaii will always be one of my favorite memories with her. It was something that she had always wanted to do and I was glad to be able to help her cross it off her list of things that she always wanted to do. But at twenty-eight years old, I thought about the fact that it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and really created a list of things that I want to do. One of the real reasons for my doing this is that it’s important to know yourself and to set goals based on that knowledge. Call it what you will, but a bucket list is really about goal setting so before I head into some of my goals, there’s a few fundamentals to remember. First thing is that goals should be attainable. Second is that you need to put some type of a timeframe for achieving these goals whether it’s the end of your life, or in five years. Lastly goals should be specific. So if you have never written down any goals in your life…it is a must. One of the only ways to make it through life is to have and continue to set goals for yourself. I cannot emphasize how crucial it is for you just to sit down and set some goals for yourself. So I’ll go ahead and publish my list of goals for you to see: FIVE YEARS: Pay off my Graduate degree Settle into my final career Attend an opera at the Sydney Opera House Go to a live taping of the Price is Right
Drive the entire Route 66 Loose 50 pounds TEN YEARS: Write a book Visit London Purchase a house
Go on a cruise Become a reverse tither Take dancing lessons Read 150 books LIFETIME: See the Great Pyramids Spend two weeks in Italy Visit St. Petersburg and Moscow Take an African Safari Visit all Seven continents (South Africa, Australia, and Antarctica needed) Make a million dollars Give a million dollars away Attend either the winter or the summer Olympics Buy back my first car, a 1970’s Ford Torino Eat Sushi in Tokyo Change the lives of 50 random people (un-measurable but I’ll dream) Pickup woodworking again
At first I thought that these were all pretty simple, and while I’m a simple man, I began to wonder if I was too selfish and narcissistic. But that’s okay these are all things that I want to do, so it is kind of about me! In any case, have you recently set some goals for yourself? If so, what are your short, mid, and long term goals? I’m curious to know!


Kendal Franks said...

Steiny, I love it. I think it would be narcissistic if all of the items on the list were about you, but a good amount of yours are others-centered. "See the Great Pyramids" may be about you, but at least its not "Own a private jet and a mansion in Florida" or "retire by 50". I'm going to steal this idea for my blog :) Don't worry, you'll get credit in the first line.

Marelize said...

Is South Africa really a continent?

I like the list, Justin. I like it!

Justin Steinhart said...

Thanks! And Marelize, that will always be our little inside joke! So happy that you caught it!

Cameron Schaefer said...

Great list Justin, you have inspired me to create one as well. One thing I think would be fun is to create a group bucket list among good friends. Things you would like to do with a group of best friends. Seems to me like most things aren't nearly as fun unless you have someone to share them with. Call it the, "Into the Wild" principle.

Marelize said...

Maybe Cameron would like to go to the continent of South Africa too. That would be a perfect group activity. Haha.

Justin Steinhart said...

Cameron, in November let's colaborate!

Marelize...couldn't resist making light of that joke again could you! Remind me what the greatest country in the world is?