What a 3rd Grader reminded me about dreaming

I was recently visiting my brother and his family out in California. He has three children, two girls and one boy. His son, my nephew, has a deep seeded un-earthly desire to play professional football. So much so that when he was in kindergarten he asked my brother and I if we had played in the Super Bowl! He’s now in 3rd grade and is as big as some of the 5th and 6th graders he plays with. With his shear physical size and natural ability, he is the son that many of my friends would dream of having. I love my brother and sister-in-law because they’ve done an excellent job of raising all of their children and especially helping them to pursue their dreams. This 3rd grader plays tackle football, and he loves it. Last year he played flag-football as the quarterback, but this year in tackle football he’s positioned as a wide-receiver. Watching him play, the joy in his heart, the love of the game (wanting to spend his Friday night watching a High School football game instead of TV), was something for me to take note of. I began to reflect on the last twenty years of my life, reviewing it for fun and dreaming and while I’ve been compared to Eeyore, I found myself wishing that I would have dreamt more and bigger. And I realized that it’s not too late either! So as we were sitting at the In-n-Out drive thru after his practice I took the opportunity to say, “If playing professional football is your dream, then never let go of it and don’t let anyone ever hold you back, keep you down, or tell you that you can’t.” Without missing a beat he asked me, “what was your dream?” I told him, “to be an architect.”
Perspective is everything though. While I always wanted to be a building architect, I now architect huge youth events. So maybe I’m not that bad of a dreamer…but I’m thoroughly grateful for his reminding me to dream, and to dream big! For all of us, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details, to become weighed down with reality, to give-up on dreaming. But there has never been a better time to start dreaming than right now! So what is your dream? Are you living the dream? If you would say no, then are you being diligent and purposeful on the journey to achieve your dream?

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