What is childlike faith?

I’ve tried so hard to try and pin-point the answer to this question. It’s been really hard for me to answer, and a book I recently read provided really good insight, but I needed a concrete example and last night at Revival Town I got it. There have been children at Revival Town before, but tonight they were was just something special about the children there. They were un-ashamed, they were bold, and they exemplified childlike faith. You couldn’t tell from their faces that there was a recession, or that Obama was sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. They were focused. From watching them here’s how I will finally be able to define Childlike faith: - It’s about taking a hand. Looking up to someone and trusting them, feeling safe, and certain that they will protect you. Little children have to hold a hand to feel safe, and when ever they take a hand for help…they look up. - Bold humility. When you have childlike faith you walk around in boldness, with no shame, no arrogance, and confidence. You don’t withhold anything, you give it your all and without a begrudging attitude. - Know nothing but learn everything. Childlike faith is understanding that you know nothing but can learn everything. It takes faith to be able to learn from others. - Trust to know and peace to know. Children have no other faith than the faith of trusting in others. It’s a faith to trust to know that all will be right with the world…if you just say so. As adults we learn to stand upon our own learning and understanding. We trust ourselves to know what will happen, we become predictably predictable. When we grow old we once again have to return to a place of trust…but it’s a peace to know that you never had control returning to a childlike faith. - Joy. Children rarely worry about anything. They’re typically easy to please, and even babies find joy and happiness in peek-a-boo. Rather they’re joyful and peaceful…they love and care. They don’t worry about tomorrow, they’re focused on the here and now, and in their focus they chose joy. - Emmanuel. God is with us. Even though we have little record of Christ’s upbringing, he was a child. A child that had to trust his mother and father to teach him, feed him, protect him, and parent him. After last night I can’t imagine Christ not being a fun, curious, adventurous, faith filled, and trusting child. The above was a picture taken at Revival Town. It’s worth a thousand words and it embodies childlike faith. It’s Revival Town…it’s New Life Church…it’s you…and it’s me. Sometimes we just need to release our control, reach out to take a hand, and look up to see where our help comes from, that’s childlike faith.

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I love the info it was very helpful. Thanks!
P.S. This will sooo help with my message for Friday night!!!