Adultery Transcends Marriage

First off I’ve never been married. So I ultimately cannot comment on adultery in marriage. What I am about to say though does concern the concepts of adultery.

People commit adultery every day. They start out pouring their heart and soul into something they believe is worth dying for. Then one day…the honeymoon is over. They no longer love their first love. They start cheating, looking for something else to fulfill and feed themselves. Adultery, at its core is about one person becoming selfish in a relationship. It used to be about the other person…then suddenly a shift takes place and it becomes all about oneself aka narcissism.

For some it could be a higher paying job, new church, new friends, or a new sports team!

What happened to vows? What happens when the honeymoon is over? What happens to our first love? I think how we answer these questions determines our priorities, our character, and our loyalties. Some people have no scruples other than fame and fortune or to oneself. Since when did selfishness become an excuse for adultery? If we no longer accept that excuse for adultery in a marriage…why do we allow it as an excuse in other areas involving loyalty?

Adultery is a terrible thing. Cheating on your first love whether it be your spouse, your job, or your church will never be of any emotional, monetary, or psychological gain. Your first love is left to grieve the loss, pick up the pieces, and continue to move forward. Geese will choose one partner in their lifetime, if geese can do it then so can we. But we need to learn to not just be faithful in our marriages but in the workplace, church, and our friendships.

The kind of adultery that we commit outside of marriage is just as destructive. But we always find ways to justify our actions…you just have to look through the excuses to find the real selfish reasons. Remind yourself on a daily basis as to why you first fell in love. Put others before yourself and remind yourself on a daily basis that:


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