The title of this blog is "Entitlement." I loathe this word. I despise it more than anything I know. For me, entitlement represents everything that’s wrong with the world. It is an attitude of deserving something for nothing. Entitlement has a brother and sister too; they go by the names of socialism and victimization. I’ve watched numerous people try to take the high road instead of the low road by any one of these means and come out in more hurt or pain.

People who are entitled think that stardom and being famous is the best route to take to gain and get the most. But in the end when they aren’t getting the attention that they need and deserve, they come up empty handed. They don’t understand that serving is the very antithesis to entitlement and to victimization and socialism too.

Making yourself the victim in certain situations causes a cycle of pain. You begin to create a list of demands or perceived needs to make you feel good and better about yourself or maybe it’s even making others feel good about themselves! But when you check a demand or need off of your list, the only thing that happens is that you get hungry for more.

Socialism trying to create equality will never work because life is not fair. Not everyone can get a participation ribbon in life. Some will win and some will lose, some will lead, and some will follow. The very leaders of socialism are themselves an oxymoron. There is no equality that exists that I know of here on earth…even nature has dominance of species. So scratch equality off of your list along with being a victim.

After looking at entitlements brother and sister, I’m not sure where entitlement comes from. Maybe it’s from parents saying yes too often. Maybe it’s from narcissism. Maybe it’s from a need to constantly receive affection/attention. Maybe it’s from trying to make things fair all the time. Maybe it comes from the garden moment of trying to be like God. Maybe it’s from never having a job. In any case entitlement comes from a little small voice that says, “I deserve __________.” You fill in the blank. Entitlement says that I deserve something for nothing. When in fact the moment you think you deserve anything is the moment you don’t deserve anything.

David was anointed king as a shepherd even before he killed Goliath, and didn’t take his place as king until the current king died several years’ post David’s anointing. Jesus being both God and man didn’t pop out of the womb walking, talking, and making demands…it took 30 some years before he was welcomed as king, and his side profession was carpentry…is that the mark of a king? Moses, prince of Egypt, was an exile for years before returning to lead his people.

Are we entitled to anything? No. But rather we are chosen. Take the low ride to be elevated, serve as a leader, and don’t think you’ve ever arrived or deserve __________. So the next time someone tells you no and you begin to develop an entitlement mindset of deserving something. Think again…you may not be all that deserving of what you think you are entitled to.


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