Why you like Glee! (or not)

You might like Glee…or you might not…in any case I have a great theory as to why it’s very popular with the kids these days. It’s called escapism. When things look down, when there’s no hope, when it doesn’t look as though things will get better, the best entertainment is a little song & dance.

From around 1930 to 1950 Hollywood entered into what is now considered the Golden age of film. This time period saw some of the most ground breaking films. I could provide a lengthy lest of films…but I’m not. What I want to talk about is what happened prior to 1930. It’s been talked about a lot recently but what happened just over 81 years ago on October 29, 1929 was the Great Depression.

It was the Great Depression that launched America into great creativity, caused people to dream, and even though it came at a cost it was a great moment in American history. I’ve only seen 1.5 episodes of Glee, I thought it was great for what it was. Glee is a perfect example and correlation to what is happening in Hollywood today compared to what happened in Hollywood 80 years ago. A little song and dance mixed together.

When Hollywood starts to dream again, so do we. Sometimes a little escapism can be healthy…too much though can become addictive and stifle independent thought. Two years ago my favorite movies were dramas. They were thought provoking, demanded discussion, and wasn’t mindless entertainment. Now with so much doom and gloom, my favorite movies are the same mindless action and comedy movies that I steered away from.

It’s a healthy escapism, but escapism is a problem nonetheless. The problem with it is it gives us liberty to escape reality. One of the first problems is that too many people run from their problems rather than confronting them. Another problem is that they are seeking comfort from something that will never fulfill. One of the things I’ve been greatly thinking about, especially after we just had our Student Ministry retreat is how great retreats really are. They allow you the opportunity to escape but typically within boundaries. Those boundaries are so welcomed and needed though because you get to really meet with God.

It’s good to escape, but I think it’s good to evaluate your escape. Next time you find yourself in a little need for an escape ask yourself 1) why are you escaping, 2) what are you escaping from, 3) what are you escaping to and 4) why are you escaping to that and not something else. Glee’s probably okay…but I’m not necessarily looking to it as an escape or for content other than this blog...touche.

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TRP said...

That is an interesting way of putting it!
I always wondered why I always look forward to watching Glee.