My New Life Story – Part 3 – His Promise

With New Life being in a summer series, titled “This is My Story” I felt inspired to tell my New Life story, as a reminder of God’s promises and a look back at some of my favorite memories over the past eight years. This is part three in the series.

Going back to the first part in this series, I want to talk about what happened during my internship at theMILL. I had been serving there for about two years, when I found out that the Desperation Conference Director was leaving. When I found out he was leaving, I was sitting in my drab and grey cubicle and I said, “Lord I would really like that job, should I inform David of my interest?” Immediately I received a word back with the following promise, “You don’t need to say anything to David. You’ll get that job in the future, but it won’t look anything like a traditional hiring.”

I thought, okay, I can live with that. I tucked that promise in my back pocket and kept diligently serving at theMILL. I however told no-one of what I heard from the Lord. A few months later, a job at New Life Church became available for the administrative assistant to the Director of the World Prayer Center. I was still working at a foreclosure and bankruptcy law firm (I could write several blogs on my experiences and friendships there, but now isn’t the time) when I applied for the job.  Sitting at my other drab and grey cubicle at the law firm, I said aloud, “Lord I don’t want to be here anymore.” Again another response, “Who says you have to be?” I laughed and suddenly felt a spiritual release to leave the law firm and I immediately typed up my two weeks notice and sent it to my supervisor.

I was leaving for a missions trip, that summer of 2006, and I was quitting my law firm job right before leaving for that trip. I had a mixture of emotions: nervousness, anxiousness, relief, safety, and full of faith like I was in His hands. I hadn’t heard anything back about the job at New Life Church, but I had God, so I just kept trucking on believing I was going to get that job. Then just prior to leaving for the missions trip, I got word back that I was selected for the job.

I was flabbergasted. Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget God’s faithfulness in our lives, and one of the reason’s why I’m writing this blog series this summer is to reflect upon God and his faithfulness. He keeps His word even though we can’t. It’s amazing how good He really is!

So I got the job at New Life…six months later tragedy struck. My future was uncertain, I thought it was the end of everything I had known…but God has the whole world in His hands. I made it through several reductions in forces, each time thinking I was next because I didn’t have the tenure and was young. I became the self-appointed interim-director of the WPC for a few months and led the WPC staff through those transitions. It was hard but well worth the experience and wisdom I gained during that time. It was as though God had setup a hedge of protection around me during that time, and I’m so grateful for that.

Then in the spring of 2007, David and Desperation moved over to the Prayer Center, and about a year after first being hired on at New Life, I was set to transition into the my new role as the Desperation Conference Director. This was the first time I had encountered God in such a fatherly way. It took about a year but God’s promise was fulfilled. I had to survive some very extenuating circumstances, at times I felt like I was either in the desert or walking through fire, I had to continue to be faithful even though uncertainty was everywhere, I was very anxious, and constantly worried about my future…but ultimately God stepped in and took all the glory. There’s no way I could have gotten this job without His divine intervention and eternal plan. What promise has God fulfilled in your life that you might have forgotten or let loose it’s luster?

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