My New Life Story – Part 5 – Not just 1 but 2 Golden Calf’s!

With New Life being in a summer series, titled “This is My Story” I felt inspired to tell my New Life story, as a reminder of God’s promises and a look back at some of my favorite memories over the past eight years. This is part five in the series.

As a part of my responsibilities as the self-appointed interim-director of the World Prayer Center, I was going to continue on a project that I had started in 2006. This job task was to return all of the artwork in the Prayer Center for which we were paying a hefty insurance premium for. At the time the prayer center housed about 12-16 different original artwork pieces, and I not only had to track down the artists, but make sure they got shipped out okay and in one piece.

As the WPC staff began to slowly take the artwork down, I started to hear several rumblings and complaints. Unfortunately for many people, the artwork had become a golden calf. I never understood the complaining and the personal hurt and violation that people expressed to me. In my eyes the prayer center had become a mausoleum for artwork. But for many, change, which by the way is only thing consistent in this life, removes peoples comfort and safety blankets. As humans we still have yet to become fully adaptable to change. I never took their complaints to heart. I was just mostly saddened by their lack of maturity.

Another giant golden calf in the World Prayer Center, was a gigantic spinning golf ball that was painted to look like the world. It came down a few years later, and I was extremely happy to see it go because it blocked one of the most picturesque views on the campus. Again the complainers took to arms over the injustice done by removing the globe. Yet again I bring attention to the golden calf.

The Israelites were blinded by their own fear, and thus created a golden calf to comfort them. Rather than looking up at this mountain on fire, they wanted something non-threatening right in front of them. The calf to them was something that wouldn’t shoot flames, smoke, or lightening. The calf was stagnant and peaceful it made them feel safe and in control. When we removed the globe, I could see this marvelous image of Pikes Peak.  Anyone who has driven from the plains states to Colorado Springs can attest to the fact that the Pikes Peak mastiff is a testament to God being the Creator. It’s a spectacular image.

And yet here was this beautiful image of God’s creation, a mountain that God had made, formed, and dreamed up, hiding behind a man-made, man-painted, mechanical spinning golf ball. It was a golden calf that over time started to draw our attention away from the real testament and magnificence of our creator. When the globe came down, it was like opening the curtains for the very first time. I now find myself very much at peace every time I walk through the prayer center. What golden calves, i.e. something you worship, a habit, a ritual, or something that makes you feel safe or in control have you setup in your life to distract you from God’s majesty?

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