My New Life Story – Part 7 – Internships and discipleship

With New Life being in a summer series, titled “This is My Story” I felt inspired to tell my New Life story, as a reminder of God’s promises and a look back at some of my favorite memories over the past eight years. This is part seven in the series.

So being a MILL intern for 3 years was very valuable and I wrote a blog about it a while back so if you want my thoughts on that…check that out. But when I joined Desperation, I came to see and really value internships and their potential to turn out disciples. Over the past five years, I have gained a deep love and understanding of how Desperation does internships.

Mind you, change has always been constant, and there have never been two consistent or comparable years for that matter. But no matter the year, I always counted it a joy to be part of the process. Some students would come in as utter messes…some would come in hiding their messes…and some didn’t have any messes at all. But I truly believe that all left for the better at least if they allowed themselves to be part of the discipleship process they left better.

But it was the discipleship process that was created through David’s visioneering and leadership that I came to love and value. I had never seen an effective discipleship process before coming to Desperation. If you listen closely you can hear mentions of discipleship whispered about in small Christian circles…but it’s like an allusive mysterious unicorn that people talk about…but no-one has ever seen. So I greatly valued and appreciated Desperation’s emphasis on God first, discipleship second, and everything else will come after that if you take care of those two things.

I remain friends with about 2-3 students from each class. Some are like brothers and sisters; some are like sons and daughters. I love them and care for each of them. But I’m always grateful for the chance to be part of their lives and impart any wisdom or any life lesson that I can give them, and that they value what I have to say, because half the time I don’t even understand the words that are coming out of my mouth. And like David told me on one occasion that my analogies make no sense!
I wish I could do a better job of explaining how much value I have for the Desperation discipleship program. It is just so well done and reflecting upon all of the fruit that has been produced, I am just amazed by and to have been a part of the process. Are you being discipled and discipling others?

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