My New Life Story – Part 8 – Desperation

With New Life being in a summer series, titled “This is My Story” I felt inspired to tell my New Life story, as a reminder of God’s promises and a look back at some of my favorite memories over the past eight years. This is part eight in the series.

As I approach my fourth year at the helm of the Desperation Conference. I have such an overwhelming feeling of joy. I have a special memory from each year for which I’d like share and I hope you gain an inside glimpse into what my world has been like.

2008 – Counting on God

For my first year I had to put on two regional conferences (Michigan and Alabama) including the national conference in Colorado Springs. I’ll never forget Michigan as my first conference. I felt overwhelmed and underprepared. I remember having Starbucks with Dan and Dave in Kalamazoo and Dave had decided to fast for 40 days over the conferences. After about an hour’s worth of incoherent conversations with Dave, Dan and I finally convinced him to eat something. In Colorado, I’ll never forget the wall of lights that Robby and I dreamed up...but the real God moment came in Birmingham. Going into Birmingham, we had I believe something like 200 registrants and had no-idea what to expect. I was worried and concerned…but every time I began to panic I heard this little small voice say, “do you trust me.” (more on that phrase in a latter blog). That opening night we ended up with 2,000 registrants. Everyone congratulated me, but I said this was all God. That night in worship God told me that I had done the work on the previous two conferences to bring in the harvest, but that He was going to take the glory for himself in Birmingham…which He did indeed do.

2009 – Light up the World

I don’t know why but 2009 has been and always will be my favorite conference year. I can’t explain it, but it was something about the candles, the theme, the bulbs, the lamps on stage, or the VOW DVD. It was just a simple setup in which God came in and moved. It may have been the donations for which we were able to build 3 orphanages…or it might have been the worship leaders and speakers. I can never but my finger on it…but in any case it’s my favorite year.

2010 – Decade

Last year, was a real moving year, and is my second all time favorite. But I was moved to tears the opening night of July when I heard God say to me, “and all of these shall be counted unto you.” I said, God I don’t deserve the credit for these students, surely their parents, youth pastors, coaches, or leaders deserve some of the credit…but God repeated the statement and all I could say in response was that I’m not worthy, to which He responded, “But I am.” I wept feeling even more humbled by God’s love and faithfulness!

2011 - No Compromise

Coming into this year, was probably one of the hardest years for me as I started out tired, behind, and overwhelmed. But I crossed that finish line none the worse for the wear! I’m writing this blog in anticipation of God showing up and doing something big. He always does, and always does it in a way so that I can’t take any credit for myself…or if I do, I immediately turn it over to him. Which Conference has been your favorite Desperation Conference?

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