What’s so special about vanilla ice cream?

It’s a question that’s been plaguing me over the past several weeks.

You might be like me who, when having the opportunity to peruse the ice cream and novelty isle of the supermarket is easily distracted by the multitude of flavors. All of those flavors of variety flash their bright lights at you: Blackberry Dark Chocolate, Mocha Almond Fudge, Banana Split, Tiramisu, Cherry Garcia, Carmel Macchiato, and the list goes on. Is your mouth watering?

Don’t they sound fun, exciting and adventurous? They have chunks of goodness, crunchy nuts, chips of chocolate, pieces of cookies, ribbons of flavor and there is no reason for you to not have a flavor of your own. They want you to feel good about choosing something so special and unique. Each flavor rewards you for choosing the mystery flavor carton of potential fun and adventure. What’s your favorite Ben & Jerry’s is always a great conversational get-to-know-you question. Mine is Boston Crème Pie via Cherry Garcia. What’s yours?

Thus if we have all of these choices of extremely complicated sexy and appetizing flavors…what’s so special about vanilla ice cream? I’m glad you’re as intrigued as I am about vanilla. So grab a bowl of ice cream and lets talk about vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream tends to be the base for most every other ice cream. It’s the foundation for the unique flavors with neon signs that you like.

It’s tried and true. Out of every ice cream flavor sold vanilla comprises 30% of the market, the next flavor chocolate, comprises 20%. 

The actual vanilla bean comes for the only fruit-bearing member of the orchid family.

Vanilla plants are usually hand pollinated and sometimes the cultivation process can take up to six years before being harvested only once a year. When vanilla beans are first picked, they have no fragrance or taste until they have dried.

Vanilla Ice cream, while it can be served on it’s own, is typically best served as a compliment. It works to enhance the flavor of a blackberry cobbler, oven hot brownie, apple pie, root beer floats or paired with fresh peaches.

Is Vanilla ice cream plain? Yes. But that’s the beauty of Vanilla ice cream. It would seem as though it doesn’t do much and yet it really does everything. It doesn’t come in a sexy wrapper, a cool name, or come with a catchy slogan. It’s just plain ole vanilla ice cream…it compliments, its the base, it gets the job done, and it’s special because its not special…it’s vanilla.

So next time you find yourself walking down the ice cream isle and you notice all of those appealing flavors, on the top at eye level where they’ll be most attractive. Look down…down below all of the flash and glamour. Once you find the bottom of the case remember that vanilla out of all the other choices out there, is the one at the bottom of the case because it doesn’t need a flashy container, name, or ingredients…it’s just plain ole vanilla, the number one selling ice cream. 

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