Twas the night before the election

Twas the night before the election and all through the house
the dad had no job, and neither did his spouse.
Their hopes were placed in Obama and Romney
but voting for either candidate wouldn’t bring this household any harmony.

After the children were tucked into bed,
mom and dad tried to make sense of it all in their heads.
One a republican and another a democrat,
living in Colorado all the ads now sounded like a screeching cat.

Not knowing who to vote for they both went to bed
hoping for a better tomorrow but knowing that dream was dead.
Each candidate had lied, twisted facts, & appealed to the middle class
mom and dad had to chose the one they felt would not be so crass.

That night though while all the family was dreaming
a peace descended upon them like nirvana the feeling.
The debates were over and the points debunked was there truth in the facts…no-one really knows,
politicians are lawyers and lawyers are liars this is the only true fact that everyone follows.

Was this truth the truth that allowed them to dream and be set free
unfortunately not another truth gave them the freedom to be.
Peace, love, and freedom are ideals that must be believed in
not people or things you vote for, that has no reason.

Tomorrow was the day of the election, the President would be elected,
but years ago this family had already decided.
They made a choice that allowed them to believe
in the peace and freedom that both candidates were trying to achieve.

Their hope rested in a man that lived centuries ago
even though some called him a wacko.
He talked of things and ideas that would change how we think
though some who’ve been given this freedom discredit him with a wink.

He healed the sick and took care of the poor
but all Americans want is more, more, more.
So this family that lived and had nothing at all
slept with peace not needing anything from the mall.

They believed in one man that had brought about freedom and truth
not through legistration, government, or a sleuth.
This was the hope and belief that allowed them to sleep with peace
knowing their future was secure and they didn’t have to test it with a fleece.

So tomorrow when you wake and you give your vote a voice
remember the person who died who demands that you make a choice.
His arms are open wide and He wants you to know
that tomorrow no matter who wins He sits on the throne.

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